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What nutrients are inside my Babykixx pouch?

Each pouch will have a QR code which when scanned will show you the supplements in each pouch.

QR code on babykixx pouchGel system image

We have six formulations designed for various goals that couples may have before, during or after pregnancy. We have aligned five common goals that couples have with formula recommendations, the goals include:

The Maintain goal is for couples that are just looking for a great solid multivitamin supplement that will cover them in-case they get pregnant.  Sometimes we refer to the couples as Waiting to Try (WTT). They may be newly married or just had a child and building some space between children or they think they're done but they know stuff happens.  We recommend our sprout formulation.  This is great for any adult- man or woman.

TTC stands for Trying To Conceive. These couples goal is to get pregnant.  We recommend our Nourish formulation which includes Omega-3s.

Fitness couples maybe WTT or just between kids and want to focus on getting fit. We recommend Assurance which has both Omega-3s and a strong hit of Vitamin D3.

For Nursing moms, we're recommending a formulation with Omega-3s rich in DHA and Zinc. That's our sustain formulation.

If you're a woman with an MTHFR mutation and thinking about getting pregnant or in the first trimester of pregnancy we have the Thrive formulation which includes a very strong dose of Folic Acid because the MTHFR mutation prevents you from metabolizing folic acid effectively. 

If you're already pregnant then we recommend the Prosper formulation which includes Iodine, 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 and DHA.

The following table shows the detailed contents for each formulation:

 Formulation Product table