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What’s the science behind Babykixx?

When customers first try Babykixx personalized vitamins they say something like "why didn't I think of that?" or "smart".

Like many products that disrupt categories, the simple consumer product is packed with some serious science. Here is the short list of what we think really matters:

  1. Our formulations were developed by our medical director (Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman, MD)  and nutritionist at Panaceutics based on the best clinical research.  We have rigorously followed the recommendations of reputable healthcare institutions such as ACOG, Mayo Clinic, FDA, CDC, etc.
  2. Suspending nutrients into a real food so that is precisely dosed and remains nutritionally stable, requires some high-speed food science and chemistry.
  3. There are no fancy chemicals, we make super high-quality nutraceuticals bioavailable using natural food ingredients that you get in your food every day.
  4. Break thru small batch food automation enables us to produce each order for each customer when they order.  We are using a robotic compounding system that was invented and developed at Panaceutics in the RTP, NC. This enables us to deliver personalized orders at realistic consumer prices that rival price points for high-quality nutraceuticals sold over-the-counter or online.
  5. Every supplement order is produced by Panaceutics in a CGMP certified facility that was built to pharmaceutical standards. We do this right here in the USA where we can control the quality of ingredients and processes.