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What does Babykixx offer that is different from well known vitamins brands?

No more pills! We take all the nutrients, vitamins and supplements that are in pills bottles, gummies, chewable or powders and suspend them in a real food.

You consume our vitamins by eating a 1.6 oz pouch of fruit smoothie that has your vitamins precisely dosed and suspended in a tasty fruit treat.

Instead of taking 2-5 pills and a glass of water, you'll eat a small pouch of fruity goodness. That's right, we've eliminated the glass of water.

Our pouches come ready-to-eat so you can keep them by your bed, put some in your drawer at work or eat one in the car on the way to work. You won't forget because it's super convenient and they taste great.

Let's talk quality.  We use super high-quality nutraceuticals from the reputable suppliers like DSM.  We make your order, for you, when you order at Did you know that most over the counter supplements are made to last? Check the expiration date, they won't expire for years. They are not fresh!

We make them in the US in a CGMP certified facility in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.