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What are Babykixx personalized vitamins?

Babykixx replaces the vitamin pills you take now with a small pouch filled with a fruit puree that has vitamins suspended in the fruit.  We call the fruit pouches a Fruit Smoothie because they are pre-mixed and ready-to-eat. Instead of taking pills you will eat a 1.6 oz pouch of a tasty fruit puree. 

We have six pre-set formulations right now that we choose based on your goals when you order a personalized 30-day order. Most of the formulas would replace 2-3 pills including one of those gigantic fish oil pills.

We suspend high-quality vitamins using a small batch food processing robot which precisely doses each pouch with the amount of each nutrient on the supplement label. This is actually really cool and very advanced technology that was built for the pharmaceutical industry. Each 30-day order is produced after it's ordered, we do not inventory your order, it is made when you order it!

We have three fruit bases- mango, spiced apple and berry blend flavors. Our fruit comes from Oregan state and is blended according to our recipe by a small regional co-packer.

Our compounding robot is in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina in a CMGP compliant facility.