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The Science Behind Babykixx

Teaming with Panaceutics for innovative solutions
We have teamed with scientists and engineers to create a vitamin that challenges our current approach to prenatal nutrition. Panaceutics, a 503(b) compounding pharmacy has pioneered a pasteurization process that allows fresh and high-quality products.
Our approach is changing prenatal nutrition because:
Products are made fresh when you order it.  Our shelf life is only 45 days because we are using real food in our process.  We also know that vitamin quality decays overtime.  We want moms to get the highest quality vitamins.
We created a fun and new way to get your prenatal vitamins.  Swallowing pills is hard and we believe moms deserve an alternative.
Doctor approved.  Our technology allows us to work closely with medical professionals to ensure the right formulation is made for you.
Fun.  We believe pregnancy should be fun and enjoyable.  Our prenatal gives you the opportunity find creative approaches to your prenatal nutrition.  Visit our recipe page for more great ideas.

Right Vitamins, Right Dose, Right Combination is the Future

Panaceutics – Experience personalized medicine and clinical nutrition with our patent pending, on-demand automated system to deliver personalized formulations. This automated process enables truly personalized, pill-free formulations for a simple experience and encourages long term adoption.