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The Babykixx Personal Vitamin Difference

Formulation made just for you. We have teamed with doctors and scientists to create formulations that are made for you when you order. We offer formulations for moms at different stages of pregnancy.  Our process is unique because we can add the nutrients when you need them the most.

Healthy, vegan, gluten-free and all-natural. It’s a prenatal vitamin reinvented. Say goodbye to pills.  We worked with a team of scientists and doctors to create a high-quality prenatal vitamin that is mixed with all-natural foods.  It’s made fresh when you order. 

Each packet is ready to eat. Take Babykixx on the go or mix it in your smoothie, it offers a convenient and fun way to take your prenatal vitamins.

Doctor approved. We have worked closely with physicians to ensure our formulations provide the necessary high-quality prenatal vitamins for expecting moms. If you are a high-risk pregnancy our doctors have made a formulation that works for you.