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We have a few questions to make sure you get the right formulation for you and your babe

<Question 1: Please select how far along you are-

  -I am not pregnant but want to make sure I have the right pre-natal vitamins incase I do!

  -I am starting my journey- first trimester here I go!

  -I am in my groove- second trimester and I want some of those nutrients for my kicking baby

  -I am ready to pop- third trimester and ready to be a momma!>


 <Question 2:  It’s not easy having a babe, let us help you.  Tell us if you have any risk factors so we can help protect you and your babe:

 Check the boxes that apply:

 -I could be a preterm labor risk *Recommended Bepob

 -I have MTHFR mutation or at risk for neural tube defect *Recommended Shimmy 

 -Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, Sickle Cell, bariatric surgery patients *Recommended Wiggles

 -Hypertension or history/risk of preeclampsia in prior pregnancy *Recommended Nudget

 -No risks, I just want the essentials before I pop!> *Recommended Boogie Woogie


 <Question 3: Yummm!  Pick your flavor:

 -Berry Baby

 -Mango Momma

 -Spiced Apple>