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Product Images

Unopened Babykixx box

You will receive a nicely designed box inside a US Postal Service shipping box. The Babykixx box will come sealed and you can cut the front seal using a knife.

Babykixx package opened with 30-day supply


Babykixx box opened.  A box with a 1-month supply of prenatal vitamins (30-pouches) and an information card. Each month you can select a different flavor.  If you'd like to have flavor choice during your first month, order two or three different boxes and get three months of vitamins delivered at the same time.

Open Babykixx food pouches with the fruit puree.  All three flavors are represented. The top packet is berry, middle packet is spiced apple and the bottom packet is mango. Food pouches do not require refrigeration until they are opened, then they should be refrigerated and eaten within 24-hours.

Eating Babykixx from the box

You can tear open the pouch and eat it directly from the food pouch. There are no pills to swallow, you don't even need a glass of water to take your prenatal vitamins. Since the pouches don't need to be refrigerated until they are opened, you can put some pouches next to your bed stand, in your purse or your desk at work.

Put a few in the refrigerator and enjoy them cold. Some people even freeze them and enjoy them as a Popsicle.

Babykixx mango poured on spinach

You can add them to recipes and pour them on food.  A really easy paring is with yogurt in the morning s you get some additional calcium along with your prenatal vitamins. Above we're showing a more adventuresome customer who put the mango flavored Babykixx vitamins on a sautéed spinach, eggs and onions.  They swear it was delicious and packed with great nutrients in a low calories meal.