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Babykixx has a unique proposition for woman. We have a daily prenatal vitamin solution that is easy to take, made fresh when ordered and using high quality supplements and food bases. Inquire about our Program here.

We have created six base formulations based. We need credentialed healthcare professionals to counsel woman on which supplements they should take at what times during their childbearing years.  The Babykixx prenatal vitamin system is very flexible.  Our medical director has created six base formulations to address pre-conception, low risk births, certain higher risk cases such as preeclampsia or risk of early delivery and several others. 

Nourish Prenatal Vitamin for low risk pregnancySprout Prenatal Vitamin - basic woman's multi-vitaminAssurance Prenatal Vitamin for hypertension or preeclampsiaProsper prenatal vitamin for pre-term labor riskSustain Prenatal Vitamins for absorption related issues such as colitisThrive prenatal for risk of neural tube defect

All Babykixx prenatal vitamins are produced in a cGMP compliant facility in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Our supplier is a registered 503A/B compounding pharmacy.

Panaceutics Second Generation cGMP production facilityThey are using a unique automation process that enables them to produce each monthly order for each patient on demand.  Because of their breakthrough automation, they can do this at consumer level pricing. A months supply of prenatal vitamins are priced between $49 and $99. 

We have an opportunity for practices that want to ensure their patients have the right prenatal vitamin for their condition in a form that is easy to take.

Patients receive thirty small (1.6oz) vitamin pouches that are filled with a tasty fruit puree that has been dosed precisely with the nutraceuticals recommended by the practitioner.  Babykixx 30-pouch boxWe ship the product directly to the patients home.

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Join our Practitioner Affiliate Program and you will receive a Babykixx recommendation pad, a set of free samples and an opportunity to participate in our fee sharing. To apply complete this form.

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