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Nutrition and Prenatal Vitamin Recommendations

Start with a base formulation

Babykixx offers moms their essential prenatal vitamins.  Some prenatal vitamins are critically short on the following: Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Iron and Folic Acid.  The correct concentrations of these vitamins are needed to support development, but  pills can be nauseating for some expecting moms.  Babykixx is a better alternative. Our base formulation closely mirrors recommendations from ACOG, Formulary JournalCleveland Clinic, March of Dimes, :

Create your own formulation

Unlike generic vitamins, Babykixx has specific formulations to meet an individual Mom’s needs.  Some Moms need additional folic acid or DHA.  No more daily estimations--  our formulas are specific to the individual, ensuring that both Mom and Baby receive all the nutrients they need.