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When we saw the small batch compounding technology that was invented by our partner, Panceutics, we thought this is perfect for a prenatal vitamin. I remember watching my wife gag on her morning prenatal vitamin until she learned that she could avoid much of nausea by mixing her pills with some food!  We don't need pills at all, we suspend the nutraceutical compounds into our fruit smoothie.  It's a perfect solution for pregnant women who struggle taking their pills.  It turns out it's a great and fun way for anyone to stick to a supplement regimen.  We've been using these products at our home for over a year and they have become a morning treat for everyone in the family.  We experiment each month with different formulations and different flavors. We hope you learn to enjoy these products and share with us suggestions to make them better.  Keep an eye out for new products.


Our Story

Jim & Karee White had nine children together and understand pregnancy. They wanted to bring important but practical solutions to the maternity market.  Babykixx promises great science but more important, tremendous lifestyle value. We want to make pregnancy more enjoyable and easier for everyone.  We started with prenatal vitamins because we saw how many women really struggle choking down pills and many will turn to less effective forms of vitamins like gummies or powders that can not support some of the key ingredients and levels of nutritional value required by many woman with special needs. We insist that our products deliver value, they are not cheap but they are a great value. Creating a great tasting product that can be enjoyed at home or on the go is a critical consideration that many first time moms will overlook. We understand that getting pregnant means your life just got complicated.  You have a new, pressing obligation while maintaining all the same duties. We want to support your duty to feed your baby and yourself as best you can.  We strive to make this one small task of pregnancy a little easier and  a lot more enjoyable.  Whatever you do Enjoy being pregnant as much as you can.  It is a wonder!

Dr Jamil Abdur-Rahman, OB/GYN and Twin Doctors TVDr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman:  As an OB-GYN, Dr. Jamil was constantly asked “Are there alternative prenatal vitamins that will not make me nauseous?”  When Jim saw Dr. Jamil and his twin brother on the Twin Doctor’s Podcast, he knew that Dr. Jamil understood the unique challenges in pregnancy.  When Jim approached Dr. Jamil about Babykixx he was ready to provide his expertise.  Dr. Jamil is passionate about giving his patients the best prenatal care.

Jim White (CEO) and
Karee White (Brand Ambassador)
Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman Medical Director
Charlotte Burnett VP Marketing