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3 generations of women A high-quality prenatal vitamin is an insurance policy that helps supplement your diet and fills in the gaps of a busy, active lifestyle. A woman during her childbearing decades has special needs whether she is having children or not. The Babykixx nutrition system is designed to support women throughout the decades when women bodies are prepared for birth. Babykixx has replaced pills that may have been made last year with the same nutrients suspended in a fruit smoothie packet that get's made when your order it. Here are our top three recommendations:

Sprout 100% of a woman's RDA including the 400mcg of Folic Acid recommended by ACOG for all women in their childbearing years.  Nourish adds 300mg of Omega-3. Babykixx is using an algae-based source of Omega-3 so this is still vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Assurance adds 4,000 IU of vitamin D for women who may not be getting enough sun. 
$59/month $69/month $69/month

Babykixx can be ordered in three flavors- Mango, Spiced Apple and Berry.   Iron is optional in all three formulations.         

Sprout table

* Iron is only available when added.  We have chosen to make Iron optional so you can add if required. Adding Iron may give an aftertaste to some flavors.

The formulation contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance, including 400mcg of Folic Acid which is the recommended dosage by the American College of OB/GYN (ACOG) for a prenatal supplement.

Nourish formulation adds 300mg of Omega-3s which is composed of 200mg of DHA and 100mg of EPA.  This formulation was selected specifically for active women. Fish Oil PillThere is no easier way to take one of those large "fish oil" pills than to enjoy a Babykixx fruit smoothie every day.


Assurance is a solution for women who don't get enough sun or are avoiding the sun.  In addition to the 100% RDA of the standard woman's mutlivitamin and the 300Mg of Omega-3, the Assurance formultaion adds 4,000 IU of Vitamin D.


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