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Something for the Guy

Depending on whether you are trying or waiting or already pregnant you've probably already discovered that this baby stuff gets taken very seriously. Our goal is to make this momentous act a little more fun and lot more convenient.

But that doesn't mean we don't take this seriously.  Look at the momma bear, what do you see? We'll bet you see a determination in your ladies eyes as she faces the task of bringing a baby into this world.  

 We've partnered

with physicians, nutritionists and food scientist to develop the perfect prenatal vitamins.  We have six formulations that target the most common prenatal needs for women. We have solutions for women before they are pregnant, during their pregnancy whether they have a low-risk pregnancy or fall into a high-risk category and we have formulations for after the baby is delivered and beyond.  

spending money Babykixx's economic value proposition

Can you buy cheaper vitamins? Absolutely.

But Babykixx prenatal vitamins are the premium solution on the market. Only top notch vitamins from premium suppliers are used. Your order is made fresh when you order. They are personalized - formulation- flavor - Iron as required. The vitamins are suspended in real food. They are delivered to your home each month. And they taste great

 Babykixx alternatives

The store shelves are filled with prenatal options from multi-pill packs, gummy bears, chewable, powder and liquid solutions. Read the labels and they mostly have the same vitamins and minerals because we are all following the same well known medical advice. The real difference is freshness and taste.  Anything on a store shelf or in distribution via the internet has a multi-year shelf life. Babykixx prenatal vitamins are food. they are pasteurized and sealed and will be safe for a long time but they are best if eaten within 45 days.  Babykixx prenatal vitamins are suspended in a real base and delivered to your digestive system just like food. We all know the best way to get your vitamins is to eat it in your food.

Babykixx prenatal vitamins are precisely supplemented food.  

Is other companies' product as easy to use and tasty? Absolutely not. Most serious prenatal pills require fortitude to choke them down. They can increase nausea when taken on an empty tummy. Chewable vitamins and gummies are pretty easy, convenient and even OK tasting, but they usually are One size fits all and missing some key nutrients. Because we have suspended the vitamins in a food base, we can include any nutrient required in a single daily pouch.  No more choking down 3-4 pills with a glass of tummy-filling water.  That's actually harder than it sounds when your tummy is sharing space with an 8-month-old fetus.

Babykixx prenatal vitamins were designed so your partner will take them and look forward to taking them.

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