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Application for Babykixx Brand Ambassadorship

Do you want to help us make the world a better place?

Check out our Brand Ambassador program and earn some great perks. Only 10 slots available this month!

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Elle holding Babykixx pouch

  1. Are you a leader who loves to introduce friends to great new products?
  2. Are you part of a committed couple with kids or hoping but not necessarily trying? 
  3. Are you either a man or a woman?
  4. Are daily supplements part of your routine and are interested in exploring a better way to take vitamins?
  5. Do you have refined taste buds and do people respect that about you?
  6. Do you have at least 1,000 Instagram followers and/or 1,500 friends or  YouTube with?
  7. Are you willing to post weekly on all your social media accounts to help us reach our audience?

What's in it for you?

  1. A free trial kit valued at $25.
  2. A free over-the-phone assessment to select the best supplements for you.
  3. Your first monthly subscription for only $5- valued at $65 + shipping
  4. A $25 gift card for every month you participate in our program.
  5. $5 commission on every order using your affiliate code. If 10 people order, then you make $50!
  6. Free shipping.