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Prenatal Vitamin Learning Center

Welcome!  You've come to the right place to discover some valuable information about prenatal nutrition and to discover a unique alternative to the prenatal vitamins you'll find on store shelves.

Spend a 1:48 to learn how babykixx is breaking the mold on prenatal vitamins:


Did you know that the supplement market is not regulated by the FDA?

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices, manufacturers of supplements do not have to have their claims reviewed by the FDA.  The FDA does not "approve" any supplements.  

That's why you'll see this comment on almost all supplements:

** "has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Babykixx ensures quality by having its prenatal products produced under cGMP guidelines.  Babykixx products are produced in the Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC at Panaceutics.  View our cGMP certificate.

Did you know that the Amount per Serving for each active compound listed on a supplements fact label is the volume of active ingredient at the expiration date?

These active ingredients "decay" over time as they sit in distribution, on store shelves and in your medicine cabinet.  Supplement manufacturers deal with this challenge in two ways.  They wrap the ingredients in a solid pill, which can impact the bio-availability of the supplements and so the active ingredients don't oxidize as quickly. And they put "overages" in the product when it is made so the active ingredient amount is correct years later at the expiration date. 

Have you noticed that store supplements expire years from now?

On the day a prenatal vitamin pill is manufactured the contents maybe quite different from the pill or gummy you take years later when it expires.  Babykixx prenatal vitamins are made when you order them and shipped to you directly.  We have conducted stability tests out to 45 days which means the quantity of supplements on our nutrition label is guaranteed to be at that rate 45 days after production.  The stability test window determines our best by date. Babykixx remain safe after the best by date but they lose some potency as they age. Although we haven't finalized the stability test to day 90 we are confident that with the exception of Riboflavin, Babykixx prenatal vitamins would be at label strength at day 90.