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Nutritional Solutions for Couples

Mango, Fruit Smoothie Vitamins For Couples (30 ready-to-eat pouches)

Spiced Apple Smoothie Vitamin

Spiced Apple Spouted Pouch PortraitHere's a perfectly balanced supplement designed for couples wanting or having kids. Babykixx ready-to-eat fruit smoothie vitamin pouches.

Real Food with Vitamins

Babykixx on yogurt with fruitWe all know the best way to get our nutrients is from real food. Babykixx vitamins are real fruit puree with high-quality nutraceuticals suspended in the fruit. One pouch replaces a handful of pills or gummy vitamins. And it's a tasty snack that you can eat directly from the pouch or mix it with other foods like a shake, oatmeal, yogurt or as a condiment on lunch and dinner foods. 

 Designed for couples

Fertility is a touchy subject and there is no such thing as a "fertility pill" but research has shown that proper diet and nutrition are important factors in both male and female fertility. This formulation contains key supplements that studies have shown are necessary for optimal fertility for both men and women.

Spouted Pouch on boxPrenatal supplementation is most important prior to conception and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. That's why it makes so much sense to combine a fertility formulation and a prenatal vitamin into the same pouch. We have included the proper dosage of Folic Acid which has been reducing Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) for decades. In addition, we have included DHA (An Omega 3), a significant vitamin D boost as well as Iodine. These are all supplements that studies have shown critical for healthy baby development.

Once the baby is born, your nutritional requirements shift to nursing, poor sleep, and activity level. Although mom's bear a lot of this burden, dad's are also impacted by this phase and can be more vulnerable to sickness due to less sleep and increased stress. We have balance this formulation for both mom and dad.

If you don't already know it, you will soon learn that things don't get easier once the baby starts to toddle. For couples with toddlers, It's super fun but also super hectic.  Eating good regular meals becomes even harder and we have ensured that this same formulation will ensure you are getting a baseline of key nutrients.

What You Get

You'll receive a box of 30 ready-to-eat 2 oz fruit smoothie pouches. You can take up to one per day. Each pouch will contain 2 oz of Spiced Apple Fruit Puree with high-quality vitamins suspended using our small batch robot.  Each order is made in our Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina facility when you order. The Made on Date will be printed on each pouch label along with your name.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Life saver

Love the Babykixx! Taking those huge, foul tasting prenatal vitamins were the worst part of my day and hard to remember- These smoothies taste AMAZING and I look forward to eating them everyday! My baby is so grateful I made the switch.

Thanks Taylor for giving us a try. It's really great to hear that Babykixx helps make taking your supplements more enjoyable.
I'm cheating

I'm a guy but using this super cool system to get my personalized mixture of vitamins pre-mixed so I actually take them every day. I'd have to take 4 pills every day to get this mixture. They're awesome cold and I love the Mango flavor.


I have a subscription and love it! I don't know what I would do without my monthly order!


Babykixx Starter Pack (Multi-flavor Sprout)

Great product

I really like these vitamins, they are more absorbable. No nausea. They are a great addition to a smoothie .

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