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Top 5 Things Every Women Should know about Prenatal Vitamins

January 18, 2018

Top 5 Things Every Women Should know about Prenatal Vitamins

Article By Lauren Wicks

Prenatal vitamins have become an essential part of the gestation process and are highly recommended by doctors everywhere.  According to the Mayo Clinic, prenatal vitamins are important for expecting moms because the folic acid is essential to preventing neural tube defects and Iron supports baby’s growth and development[1].  In order to prevent neural tube defects, the March of Dimes recommends moms take prenatal vitamins prior to pregnancy.  In a recent study, March of Dimes reported only 10 percent of Black women took prenatal vitamins prior to pregnancy[2].  It can be tough to meet all the nutritional requirements each day to ensure a healthy, happy baby enters the world at the right time, and these can be a huge help to a busy woman. Here are five important things you should know about prenatal vitamins and their impact on your health.


  1. Not all vitamins are created equal. There are not regulations on how much of each vitamin or mineral needs to be in a vitamin for it to be considered a prenatal vitamin. It is extra important to check for adequate amounts of folic acid, iron, and calcium to help you meet the 100% daily value amount suggested. At Babykixx we ensure moms are receiving the highest quality and adhere to cGMP guidelines (view our certificate here).
  2. Vitamins are supposed to act as the supplement they are. Many women use taking a prenatal vitamin as an excuse to eat an unhealthy diet based on cravings during their pregnancy. Nutrients are best absorbed by whole foods, and prenatal vitamins are simply there to give your health a little boost!
  3. Think about your nutritional focus. There are dozens of varieties of prenatal vitamins out there for specific needs and conditions. Talk to your doctor to see if you are at risk of or have any existing medical conditions, and find a vitamin that is formulated to help you specifically.  If you are looking for a custom formulation, check out custom formulations here!
  4. Check the ingredients. American Pregnancy Association encourages soon-to-be moms to check their vitamins for synthetic sources of nutrients. Cheap, synthetic sources of vitamins can seem great because of their highly concentrated amount of these nutrients, but it is dangerous for you and your baby to ingest higher doses than what has been recommended.
  5. They can cause nausea. Taking a big pill in the morning can already seem nauseating, and even more so during your first trimester. Look for prenatal vitamins with B6, as these have been shown to reduce feelings of nausea.  Babykixx prenatal vitamins offers several solutions, including the option add or subtract Iron, which has been shown to trigger nausea for pregnant women.  We recommend always taking your vitamins with a meal. Check out some fun recipes with vitamin smoothie packs here.


Babykixx is a revolutionary option for prenatal vitamins.  Babykixx vitamins combine whole fruits and natural vitamin source into a fun smoothie pack.  Choose from three flavors: Spiced Apple, Mango, and Berry Blend. They are the freshest sources of vitamins out there and are delivered to your home, with six formulations to meet a mother’s needs. It is an all-natural, tasty, and convenient alternative to the classic prenatal vitamin at the drugstore. Check them out today at!


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