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Prenatal Nutrition

December 05, 2017

Prenatal Nutrition

Article written by Lauren Lane who studied nutrition at University of Alabama.

Whether you grew up on McDonald’s hamburgers or were eating kale salads before they were cool, every expectant mother could learn a thing or two about prenatal nutrition. Our mission at Babykixx is to provide women with supplementation and education to help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. We’ve come up with a list of several star nutrients to focus on and where you can find them.

1. Calcium
Calcium is important to support fetal development as well as regulate your body fluids. In order to get the recommended 1200 mg per day, we suggest low-fat yogurt and milk, calcium-fortified orange juice, tofu, and soymilk.

2. Folate
Folate is more commonly found in the form folic acid, and is necessary for your baby’s brain and spinal development. It is recommended to get 600-800 mcg per day, and you can find 300 mcg in a daily dose of our Sprout baseline formulation.We suggest incorporating more dark leafy greens, nuts, eggs, and beans to obtain the remaining 300-500 mcg in your diet.

3. Iron
Iron works with the electrolytes in your body to ensure blood flow and becomes even more crucial to support blood flow to your developing baby. While you can get 18 of the 27 mg recommended from our Sprout supplement daily, we suggest filling in the gaps with lean meats, spinach, potatoes, and dried fruits.

4. B Vitamins
The B Complex group of eight B vitamins are essential to keeping up your energy and helping your baby’s hormonal, muscular, spinal, brain, and heart development. Great sources of B vitamins are found in meat and fish, avocados, potatoes, and other fresh produce.  Now, where do our macro-nutrients fit in here? Making sure expecting mothers eat enough protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats is also of the utmost importance. You won’t need to start eating for two, as many think, but you will need to increase your calorie intake by about 240 calories during your second and third trimesters. We suggest incorporating nutrient-dense
foods, such as more whole grains, smoothies or fresh produce, and lean proteins into meals instead of adding in processed snack foods.

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