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Pregnancy Diet

December 12, 2017

Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet

By Lauren Lane

Sacrificing for your baby doesn’t start in labor-it starts as soon as you get the big news! It’s time to cut out the wine and sushi nights, cut down on your morning coffee, and ramp up the healthy food intake.
First Trimester:
Your caloric intake does not need to change quite yet, but what you eat may need to. Cold cuts, raw/undercooked food, certain types of fish, and alcohol need to be eliminated from your diet ASAP. This gives you more room to focus on new forms of protein and other nutrients. A prenatal vitamin is essential, and Babykixx provides a variety of options to make sure your body is getting the nutrients you need. If you haven’t yet, make the switch from processed to whole grains, which give you excellent sources of B vitamins, iron, protein, and fiber. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will help you easily obtain all the extra nutrition needed to create a healthy environment for your baby to flourish! Dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach are superstars in prenatal nutrition. If you don’t love eating your veggies, try out some smoothie recipes such as this one:

Sweet Green Smoothie
● 1 cup almond milk
● 1 cup kale
● 1 cup frozen mixed berries
● ½ large banana
● 1 tbsp. Nut butter
● 1 tbsp. Chia Seeds

Second Trimester: No need to eat for two, but you should start incorporating an extra snack into your daily routine. The average, healthy woman should add 250 extra calories in each day, whether it’s eating a bigger breakfast or keeping a healthy granola bar in your purse for afternoon snacks. Just as your other calories should, make these count instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips or cookies!

Here are some of our favorite easy snacks:
● Apple Slices & Peanut Butter
● Raw Veggies & Hummus
● Hard Cheese & Rice or Whole-Grain Crackers
● Low-Sugar Yogurt & Mixed Berries
● Healthy Trail Mix with Raw Cashews & Almonds, Dried Fruit, and Sunflower Seeds

Also, if you don’t own one, we suggest purchasing a reusable water bottle, as you now need at least ten cups of water every day!

Third Trimester:
You’re in the homestretch! Make sure you are taking your Babykixx everyday and keep up the good work. This is a crucial time to make sure you are eating healthy because this is the trimester where your baby’s metabolism is developing. You are a pro now, but our final tip is to monitor your fat intake. This is important for lactation, so we suggest finding your fats fromwhole foods, such as avocados, cooked salmon, and nuts instead of processed versions

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