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5 Tips to Boost Iron during Pregnancy

March 07, 2018

5 Tips to Boost Iron during Pregnancy

Article by Lauren Wicks

When we think of Iron, it can often bring to mind big muscles, dumbbells or Popeye and his famous can of spinach. For many moms to be Iron supplement are dreaded because of it's tendency to induce nausea.  But iron is extremely important for women of child bearing age, regardless of how much we do or don’t exercise, and especially during pregnancy. Even though we stop menstruating while pregnant, we need a huge supply of iron to produce red blood cells in order to for your baby to grow.  Preventing anemia becomes more important than ever in the second trimester as you prepare for delivery. 

The Babykixx nutritional system offers the unique feature to allow moms to add Iron to their monthly supplement when needed.  With increased hormone levels, Iron is especially difficult to stomach during the first and third trimester levels.  We recommend moms add Iron in their second trimester when their hormone levels are the lowest and gives them 90 days to build their Iron supply for delivery.  If a mom is anemic, we recommend that for moms to take Iron throughout their entire pregnancy.  Our innovative approach allows moms to personalize to their specific needs. 

At Babykixx we believe in approaching nutrition holistically.  We have a few tips to keep anemia at bay and to help you get enough of your daily recommended 27 mg each day.

1. Stock up on high-quality chocolate. Yes, you read this right. Cacao beans are an excellent source of iron, and by choosing the right chocolate, one serving

could provide you with almost a fifth of your daily needs during pregnancy. Look
for chocolate bars made with at least 70% cacao. You can also buy pure cacao
powder to put in smoothies, oatmeal, and other sweet treats.

2. Bulk up on beans. Legumes are some of the healthiest, cheapest, and most

versatile foods you can find at your grocery store. Throwing some edamame into
a stir-fry, chickpeas into a salad, or black beans into your burrito can add an extra boost of iron to your meal. Legumes are also chock-full of other micro nutrients and are great sources of protein.

3. Match up with Vitamin C. The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C can potentially help

your body absorb iron in food up by almost three-fold. Try drinking a glass of
orange juice with your breakfast or munching on apple slices with a turkey
sandwich for lunch.

4. Serve up dinner in an iron skillet. Time-saving skillet recipes are on trend right now, and luckily, they can help us even more with getting in that 27 mg of iron we need. Although iron deficiency is common across genders and races in our country, there is plenty of iron all around us. Cooking in a skillet can actually help us to absorb more iron in its most natural state.


5. Taking the right prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins serve as insurance to help give us a nutrient boost. As long as you treat your vitamins as the supplements they are, not as an excuse to eat a poor diet, you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to protect you and your baby. Babykixx is a new option for prenatal vitamins, as they are served in fruit pouches and are all-natural. There are several different formulations for these vitamins, and Babykixx gives iron-fortification for all varieties.

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